Welcome to Gemenskap Kalmar!

Curious about other people? Want to meet new friends? Join us! Our vision is to help people meet others and make friends.

Gemenskap Kalmar stands for a wonderful mixture of cultural diversity. Our activities are open to everyone and our motto is: the more (diverse), the merrier. No matter your background, your interests or your experience – you’re welcome just as you are!

Gemenskap Kalmar opens up opportunities – both with our own activities and collaborations – for people to meet others in and around Kalmar.  We want to create an informal and spontaneous community and a welcoming, inclusive culture within Kalmar Län’s people!

Our hope is that our association can bring people together – those who are new to Sweden as well as those who have been for here a long time. The association works for and through its participants. Their commitment is its real heart. At our activities we can discuss all the topics you can think of while we have fika, eat, talk, play, work and create together. Bring a friend or join us on your own and make a new friend!

A meet-up, a fika, a lunch, or a dinner can make a difference!

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