What is Kulturkompis (Culture friend)?
Kulturkompis gives asylum seekers, newly arrived
people* and established Swedes** the opportunity
to experience cultural activities together – concerts,
movies, and museums for example – for free.

How does Kulturkompis work?
• The participants in a Kulturkompis group are
given free entry to 3 cultural activities that
are hosted by arts, culture and entertainment
actors in Kalmar.

• The group decides together on which cultural
events to attend to (chosen from the events offered within the Kulturkompis) and when to do it.

• After the event, the group will then discuss 3
brief questions about the experience, preferably over a cup of coffee.

• To be part of Kulturkompis the group should
consist of 4 participants (where at least 50
percent of the group consists of asylum seekers
or newly arrived people).

• The tickets are either booked from the arts,
culture and entertainment actors’/venues’
websites or, when possible, by using the Kulturkompis card at the door.

Read more about how the booking process for Kulturkompis
activities work on www.facebook.com/kulturkompis (Kalmar), www.kulturkompis.nu or at the relevant actor’s/venue’s website.
How do you become a Kulturkompis?
• Visit www.kulturkompis.nu, sign up by one of the links under ”Kalmar”.

Newly arrived – you want to practice the Swedish language and
learn more about Swedish society and how it works. You may
have lived a long time in Sweden? It doesn’t matter. Anyone who
want to practice the Swedish language, have Swedish friends
and learn more about Swedish society are welcome to join the
** Established Swede – you have very good knowledge of the
Swedish language, Swedish society and how it works. You can
practice Swedish with people who are beginners and you can
answer questions about Kalmar and Sweden!

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